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The Cached Collective

The Cached Collective is an international group of creatives of diverse backgrounds, who are dedicated to exploring how technology influences our individual lived realities. Because of the impenetrable way that modern technology functions, we strive to design impactful experiences that can be easily understood by a wide audience. We make the intangible tangible. We create impactful experiences that delve into data, algorithmic complexity, and obscure infrastructure, especially focusing on how these affect the individual.

You exist elsewhere.

The Cached Collective’s first experience takes a physical approach to personal digital data. The project engages with the repercussions of our individual online presence. Every click, like, and search we make is cached, used to create a digital model of each of us to learn as much as possible. This experience will give you a glimpse of how computers have learned to view us and the assumptions they make about us.

Sikai Collab 1.jpeg

Unsustainable 回 授

Ryan’s collaboration with digital artist and musician Sikaï Li. This piece captures the frenetic energy with which we interact with each other and the environment.

Explore the rest of Sikaï’s work at his website: